Talent Discovery

Talent Discovery


Discovery of new talent is the lifeblood of performing arts. We learnt this early and have not only been scouting actively for talent we have diligently created platforms for their grooming and development.
Ranging from new actors in movies to casting new talent for television drama, identifying hosts for Tv shows and bringing forward new singing talent we have always led the industry.
With a wide range of programming for Television we are constantly introducing new faces in different fields and the success nike nfl Jersey sizing of the talent we have introduced is living testament to our commitment and pioneering spirit. We have constantly led the industry and tread where few have ventured when it comes to providing opportunity to china cheap nike nfl Jersey wholesale fresh talent.

ACTORS (few of the names are)


(All have emerged from acting challenge)

Shamoon Abbasi

Javeria Abbasi

Yasir Nawaz

Danish Nawaz

Comedy Artists

(All ll of these are top comedians of Pakistan & were referred for their debut by Eveready for the very hit show“The Great Indian Laughter Challenge)

Rauf Lala


Iran Malik & Ali Hassan

Kashif Khan

Pervez Siddiqui

Faisal Masood

Ayaz Samo


(Few of the names are)

Nirma Buchha

Jasmin Manzoor

Nadia Khan (Box Office)


(Emerged from Music challenge, few of the names are)

Shazia Manzoor

Humera Arshad

Naeem Abbas Rufi

Abrar Ul Haq